AMKAN has an immense analytical standard as our inputs are directly relates to decision making and problem forecasting. AMKAN is well equipped with tools to do exact competition mapping based on Online search volume / Campaign ideations/ ORM / Ads and sponsored infoshare and many more.

Market Research

AMKAN includes social and opinion research, which is based out of systematic gathering and interpretation of information about individuals or organizations using statistical, analytical methods and techniques of the applied social sciences to help you gain insight and take logical decisions.

Data Handling

AMKAN expertise's in handling retail data sheets with consecutive bench marking in identification of format share and cloud computing.

Marketing Mix Modeling

Statistical analysis such as multivariate regressions on sales and marketing time series data to estimate the impact of various marketing tactics (marketing mix) on sales and then forecast the impact of future sets of tactics. AMKAN Smart Tactics tools empowers you to not only to identify the change and variant points but also tune up accordingly based on your sale cycle and month wise marketing engagements.

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