Customised creative Gifting

AMKAN has gone a step ahead to provide customized gifting solutions to the corporates. We understand the Keywords (innovative /tailormade / memory/ feel good factor/ reconnect etc) based on the objectives and purposes and try to fulfill the needs of the clients in their best budget.

Data Analytics

AMKAN data analytics team has a fine tase to find lacuna in stats anaomaly and thereby give close to reply for the data in hand on the stage and opens up channels for finer decission and communication, which leads to logical action steps.


Consultation on one o one is more of hearing the areas concern and trying to give best possible insights towards corrective or actionable points. Consulting is presently with prior appointment only. (AMKAN team is also present on Onine / telecon and one o one mode of consulting )

Google App for Work

Now known as G-Suite, it is a best affordable office soultion which cater mails, calendar, work flow a complete office automation.

Server Solutions

AMKAN extends support solutions for cloud storage to Data storage with third party outsourced channels like IBM/ AMAZON/ Nxtgen etc, AMKAN takes monitoring role for all data transfer / incubation to file transfer and handling configurations

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