Bus ads

Volvo to normal bus whether the full bus wraps or just bus back is now easy with AMKAN connect where not only we let you know the buses plying in the zone but also the transit points , stations and route map. All inside bus branding / seat branding to passenger hand grip support branding are also possible on selected buses. (service in Karnataka / Tamil Nadu )


Railway ads

Certain trains which are scheduled at office prime times like Shatabdi plying between Bangalore Mysore and Chennai are fitted with TV screens which can have provision to share TV ads. The TG profile can be directly marketed as its the only medium which can capture more than 8000 people at any train listed. AMKAN can position not only TV ads but also real time hand share marketing as the TV crew can deliver the coupons / offers /brochures to all passengers in each bogie.

Airport & Airlines ads

With AMKAN outreach program major Airports and terminal ad / banner placements is now possible. In flight magazines to Utility backseat tray branding etc is no longer a problem as AMKAN directly ensures the positioning and visibility.

Taxi & Auto ads

AMKAN not only designs but also customizes Auto covering with banner ads plying in defined zones. (service in selected Cities)

Mobile Hoarding

Canter or popularly know as Mobile hoarding are full size back lit or front lit hoarding mounted on vehicles and stationed at high visibility areas with a daily travel limit of 50 KMs within city permit areas . AMKAN expertise in creating concept based mobile hoardings. (services in selected cities)



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