Amit Nath

Amit Nath

Man behind AMKAN. A very humble man to deal with in person but a sharp analyst and aggressive in terms of ideations. His 15 years of wide experience talks about his immense knowledge about market and networking. His thought process has never made any client to leave him since 2006.

His networking is not limited to city or state but across Nations. A man with vision in his eyes and a mission in his heart. .


MD Nazim Ansari


Client Care Associate at AMKAN. A keen believer towards extending support as a brand connect. Explorer to the new scope and reach out help provider.


Vipin V V

Vipin V

Young boy from back bench who is capable of getting into all aspects of the Web, with expertise in Responsive Website Design & Development.



Venkat Srinvas Deo


Venkat is Hardcore coder and quick in making things. His development skills are something people would love to watch..




Our accountant cum financial expert.


Case Studies

Case Studies on topics related Advt, Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing.

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Amkan Our Proud Marketing Partners

We though we did the best to share sweetness amongst people but with AMKAN where we sweat together to spread the best of our reach.

Kehab - MD Shreeraj Lassi Bar

A Relationship To Last

A relationship has started around 8 years back and still supportive without looking back in all waves of changes.

Tarasem Khera - Founder JK Packers & Movers

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